Our Terms Of Service

Perfect Images Landscaping LLC, dba Perfect Images Landscaping (P.I.L. LLC)

Terms of Service (TOS) notated below may be updated or changed at any time and without notice. Items published here are effective immediately and apply to any service or project with a signed/accepted estimate, deposit paid (if required per terms), or outstanding balance.


  1. Estimates not accepted in-full are subject to a change on individual line items if broken out for acceptance. Estimates are produced as if they will be accepted in-full. A minimum charge may be applied.
  2. We reserve the right to cancel any estimate, at any time, for any reason.
  3. We require a signed, or email accepted returned via email, estimate and may obtain a 50% deposit for work over $1,000.  Final payment of remaining balance is due at completion. Progress payments may be requested and due for projects greater than $10,000 and open longer than one week.
  4. Any estimate that requires the ordering of materials shall allow for all material costs to be collected if canceled and materials are not returnable. Returnable material restocking fees may be deducted from refunded deposits.
  5. Estimates are subject to change vs. Final Invoice. Final bill shall reflect work completed and product installed. Total amount of invoice is amount due upon completion. Notice may be given to the client as a courtesy but is not required by Perfect Images Landscaping. Acceptance of estimate is acceptance of this process.
  6. New clients are required to provide a valid Credit Card number prior to service. These numbers may be kept after service has been completed and payment using it, or an alternate payment has been made. The Credit Card on file can be charged at Due Date if other payment arrangements have not been made.
  7. Project acceptance occurs upon final balance payment.
  8. If payment has not been received within 45 days of due date or date otherwise stated, outstanding invoices will be turned over to a collections agent or may be filed with the courts. Any expenses related to debt recovery are to be paid by the client.
  9. Any dispute resolution shall seek mediation, or small claims, for remedy in the state of South Carolina prior to other court processes.


Perfect Images Landscaping puts forth an honest effort to make as little disruption as possible to your lawn when installing a new irrigation system. There will be several holes dug and pipes pulled and placed throughout the lawn. These areas are filled back to the best of our ability under the conditions given. Sub-surface rock may also be exposed and stockpiled on-site. No material will be imported or exported as related to this action. This may be performed for an additional fee. Lawn restoration activities, seeding – soil addition or subtraction, to NOT be included in the bid of an irrigation system. If you would like that to be addressed, please bring it up and we can add it in for an additional charge.

While construction of your new system is occurring, it may be necessary to leave equipment and ground openings overnight. Holes deeper than approximately +/-18″ may be marked with CAUTION tape.

It is with every intent that once work has begun, it will be finished in a timely fashion. 

Consecutive workdays are always the intent; however, it may occur that a day or more may need to be skipped on a project. This is an uncommon event unless due to weather. 

Quotes do not include ANY permit fees unless specifically noted in estimate.


  1. Perfect Images Landscaping LLC may require fifty (50) percent payment upon acceptance and signing of contract and the remaining fifty (50) percent, or balance, upon completion of job.
  2. Perfect Images Landscaping LLC provides the client with a two (2) year parts and labor warranty.  Conditions of the warranty are that the client maintains Perfect Images Landscaping as the service company and has us turn-on the system in the Spring and shutdown in the Fall. 
  3. Perfect Images Landscaping LLC installs irrigation lines with a vibratory plow and or trencher. 
  4. Perfect Images Landscaping LLC installs an irrigation system split in separate zones determined from the type of irrigation head used and the water properties provided from the water supply.
  5. Perfect Images Landscaping LLC will install a backflow assembly system near the water source Perfect Images Landscaping LLC will determine the water source location.
  6. The irrigation controller used for the system will be installed in the garage unless otherwise specified. If there is no electrical outlet and the desired location on the clock, it is the responsibility of the client to provide an electric cord or have an outlet installed at the agreed upon location.  If the irrigation controller cannot be installed in the garage, it will be installed on the outside of the house. 
  7. A WiFi controller is installed and included in the base price.  The WiFi controller will require an accessible WiFi connection to take full advantage of all benefits available. Ie: rain records and sensing.
  8. It is the responsibility of Perfect Images Landscaping LLC to call and have all underground utilities marked prior to starting the install.  It is the responsibility of the client to have all underground dog fences, sump pump discharges, drain tile, buried downspouts, lighting wire or any other underground appurtenances located prior to install.  Perfect Images Landscaping LLC is not responsible for damages to any unmarked, underground appurtenances.
  9. It is the responsibility of the client to mark or notify Perfect Images Landscaping of all boundary lines of the property to ensure Perfect Images Landscaping LLC installs the irrigation system on the client’s property. Any boundaries unmarked, will be best determined by Perfect Images Landscaping LLC and subject to additional relocation fees if required in the future.
  10. All areas disturbed from install will be graded to the best of our ability.  It is not the responsibility of Perfect Images Landscaping LLC to grade, seed, or sod damaged areas after the install.  In the case of excessive clay, boulders, or tree roots, the client’s property could require additional material and labor to obtain original grade.  These situations may require additional costs to restore.
  11. Our proposal assumes normal site conditions.  Unforeseen conditions such as excessive rock (requiring machine or tool removal) or installation under concrete or asphalt driveway releases Perfect Images Landscaping LLC of any damage liability when encountered.  Perfect Images Landscaping LLC is not responsible for humps in asphalt or cracks in concrete associated with these scenarios. Excessive rock may require additional labor charges to be incurred.
  12. After installation, Perfect Images Landscaping is not responsible for water leaks, or any water lost/billed due to a leak. It is the responsibility of Homeowner to periodically review the newly installed system and contact Perfect Images Landscaping with any issues or concerns that may require attention.


  1. New irrigation systems installed by Perfect Images Landscaping come with a standard two (2) year full parts and labor warranty.
  2. Warranty requires the client to hire Perfect Images Landscaping to winterize the system in the Fall and start-up the system in the Spring until the two-year anniversary of installation. Some jurisdictions may also require a backflow test that is subject to exclusive action by Perfect Images Landscaping. These services are not included with installation and are billed separately.
  3. No third party may have any contact with the warrantied system at any time. Failure to comply with these terms’ voids warranty.
  4. Negligence is not covered and open to interpretation by Perfect Images Landscaping.
  5. Warranty may be canceled at the sole discretion of Perfect Images Landscaping at any time, for any reason.


Perfect Images Landscaping agrees to provide the service of purging water with compressed air for the agreed upon fee between Perfect Images Landscaping and Owner. Payment is due no later than the arrival time of service. Payable by any method accepted by Perfect Images Landscaping at the time of service.

Perfect Images Landscaping agrees to enter the system at the point best known to be the nearest possible entry to the water source with our equipment typically used. Points of connection inside the house are not considered possible entry. Perfect Images Landscaping will cycle the sprinkler systems through all operational valves at the time of service. No repairs are included at the time of service, nor are included in fees for this service.

It is possible for defective/aged shut-off supply valves to not close completely at the time of service. If this is the case, and goes unnoticed, the failed valve may allow for water to re-enter the sprinkler system over time and could cause damage. This is not considered a negligent act of service by Perfect Images Landscaping.

For best results, have Perfect Images Landscaping out to turn your sprinkler system on in the Spring to be assured that the health of the irrigation system is the best it can be. Our service is guaranteed when combined with our Spring Start-Up service.  Winterization warranty is limited to those who hire Perfect Images Landscaping for both Fall winterization and subsequent Spring sprinkler turn-on services. Systems with water supplied prior to our inspection for warranty coverage will not be eligible for warranty. Warranty shall be limited to damage that could be deemed related to freeze damage to parties considered professionals in the irrigation industry. Outside consultants shall provide written documentation if necessary and paid for by client. Perfect Images Landscaping reserves the right of final say if an item is to be warrantied. This statement shall supersede any other offer or writing of terms. 


  1. After repairs are made, Perfect Images Landscaping is not responsible for water leaks, or any water lost/billed due to a leak associated with the repair or not. It is the responsibility of Homeowner to periodically review the repair and system in its entirety and contact Perfect Images Landscaping with any issues that may require attention.
  2. Damage to any utility must be immediately reported to Perfect Images Landscaping prior to notification of utility for any reimbursement to occur. Perfect Images Landscaping retains the right to contact the utility and resolve the issue independent of the client and their relationship with said utility.


  1. Drainage services and implemented solutions are performed without warranty or guarantee. Implied or otherwise. 
  2. Damage to any utility must be immediately reported to Perfect Images Landscaping prior to notification of utility for any reimbursement to occur. Perfect Images Landscaping retains the right to contact the utility and resolve the issue independent of the client and their relationship with said utility.


Concrete services and implemented solutions are performed without warranty or guarantee. Implied or otherwise. 

  1. The matching of concrete surfaces can never be done explicitly. There will be a difference between an existing surface and the new surface poured.
  2. Color and texture should be expected to vary. Surfaces will be done to similar techniques of industry standard if requested, but do not guarantee to ever be indistinguishable.
  3. Color may vary throughout the new slab. Texture may vary throughout the new slab. This does not mean a problem of material or workmanship.
  4. It is possible to have low points that may retain small areas of water. This does not mean a problem of material or workmanship.
  5. Aggregate may be exposed or have small holes when finished and discovered after the finish. This does not mean a problem of material or workmanship.
  6. Concrete is not a perfect finish and is not represented to be. Agreeing to these Terms of Service acknowledge these statements.
  7. Concrete seal is not guaranteed to be consistent like a painted wall. Consistency and look will vary. Seal is performed without warranty or follow-up.


Standard Terms and Conditions


  1. a) “Purchaser” shall mean the Purchaser, its representatives and/or its agents acting on its behalf.
  2. b) “Material” shall mean any material, machinery, parts, or materials provided for in this Proposal.
  3. c) “Services” shall mean any services provided for this Proposal.


  1. a) This Proposal, including these terms and conditions, and any contract resulting from, arising out of, or connected with this Proposal, shall constitute the contract (the “Contract”), regardless of any rejection hereof or thereof or statement to the contrary in any document soliciting this Proposal or issued in response hereto. The applicability of this paragraph is an express condition of any contract being formed between Purchaser and PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING.
  2. b) No modification, change, or waiver of any of the terms, agreements and conditions of the Proposal or Contract shall be binding upon Purchaser unless signed by Purchaser and PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING.


Neither party shall assign this Contract or any benefits arising therefrom without the prior written consent of the other party, except for rights granted to a financial institution in connection with customary financing activities.


  1. a) Unless otherwise specifically identified in writing, the Purchaser shall furnish PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING, LLC with all information, instructions and drawings which are requisite to the execution of the work and shall be entitled to rely on such information in the performance of its work hereunder.
  2. b) PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING, LLC assumes no responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of any design, specification, or information provided by Purchaser nor for their conformance to governmental requirements. No statement, recommendation or assistance given by PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING, LLC shall constitute a waiver of any provision hereof or subject it to liability except as herein specified.
  3. c) PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING, LLC shall submit general arrangement or assembly drawings for Purchaser’s approval where expressly provided herein. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the design, material and installation of any foundations and subsurface conditions for Material shall be Purchaser’s responsibility.
  4. d) Unless otherwise specified in the Proposal, PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING, LLC will furnish two (2) copies of drawings and pertinent instructions required for installation and operation of Material supplied hereunder. A nominal charge will be made to cover the cost of additional copies.
  5. e) Agreed changes in Material or Services resulting from Purchaser’s review of PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING’s drawings may result in corresponding changes in the contract price and delivery
  6. f) All engineering, drawings, specifications, and instructions furnished by PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING, LLC and the contents thereof (“Proprietary Data”) are and shall remain the sole property of PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING. Use of such Proprietary Data by Purchaser is limited to the purposes set forth in the Contract. Purchaser shall treat such Proprietary Data as confidential and shall not disclose the same to third parties without the prior written consent of PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING.


In the event that changes in current codes, rules, laws or regulations increase PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING’s cost or time of performance, PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING, LLC shall be entitled to an equitable adjustment of the contract price and delivery schedule.


Purchaser may make changes, within the general scope of work under the Contract, by giving PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING, LLC written notification in a change order. Within a reasonable time after receipt of such change order, PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING, LLC shall submit to Purchaser the adjustments to the contract price, delivery schedule and performance requirements resulting therefrom. PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING, LLC shall have no obligation to proceed with any such change until PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING, LLC and Purchaser agree in writing to any change in the contract price, delivery schedule, performance requirements and/or terms and conditions of this Contract.


PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING, LLC reserves the right to make at any time such changes in design, manufacture, assembly, arrangement, or components of Material as shall in its judgment constitute an improvement over former practice.


All prices quoted herein are exclusive of any and all present or future sales, use, personal property or other taxes or duties occasioned by the manufacture, shipment, sale, lease, possession, ownership or use of Material or provision of Services. Purchaser shall pay such taxes to PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING, LLC or to public authorities, as required.


Freight, when allowed in PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING, LLC quotations, is estimated at the most economical rate for the method of shipment specified to the given destination, and, unless otherwise agreed in writing, the actual cost will be invoiced to and paid by the Purchaser, in addition to the contract price.


Material on which manufacture, or delivery is delayed due to any cause beyond PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING’s control may be placed in storage by PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING, at Purchaser’s cost and risk, and reasonable charges therefor and expenses in connection therewith shall be paid by Purchaser. 


Purchaser shall be entitled to inspect Material and Services at mutually agreed upon times or points. Any inspections at subcontractor’s facilities shall be coordinated through PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING. Purchaser’s failure to perform such inspections in a timely manner may delay the progress of the work and increase PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING’s costs. Such delay(s) shall entitle PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING, LLC to an equitable adjustment in the contract price, delivery schedule and performance requirements. 


  1. a) PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING, LLC will make every reasonable effort to meet scheduled delivery dates and to maintain schedules consistent therewith; however, PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING, LLC is not liable for damages due to any failure to meet such scheduled delivery dates and no such failure to meet scheduled dates shall be sufficient cause for cancellations, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  2. b) Scheduled completion or delivery dates shall be extended for delays occasioned by any cause beyond PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING’s reasonable control, including, without limitation, governmental actions or orders, embargoes, default or delay of subcontractors or suppliers, delays in transportation, labor disputes, fires and floods, inability to obtain fuel, labor or materials, riots or acts of God. 


  1. a) PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING, LLC warrants its Services shall be provided in a good and workmanlike manner and consistent with current industry practice.  PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING, LLC warrants its Material will be free of defects in material and workmanship.
  2. b) Material furnished by PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING, LLC but manufactured by others, is warranted only to the extent of the original manufacturer’s warranty to PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING.
  3. c) Warranties by PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING, LLC shall extend only (i) with respect to Material, for a period equal to the earlier of 12 months from the date of delivery or 12 months from the date of installation of the Material, and (ii) with respect to Services, for a period of 12 months from the date of completion of Services.
  4. d) No person, agent, representative or dealer is authorized to grant any other warranties on behalf of PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING, LLC nor to assume for PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING, LLC any other liability or obligation in connection with the Material or any Services.
  5. e) The warranties and limitations of remedy and liability set forth in this Contract shall be exclusive, in lieu of, and exclude all other warranties (except of title), whether express, implied, statutory, at law or in equity. THERE ARE NO IMPLIED WARRANTIES OR MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS OF PURPOSE, PERFORMANCE OR OTHERWISE.


  1. a) Subject to the limitations of warranty and of liability contained herein, (i) PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING, LLC agrees to re-perform any Services for which Purchaser gives notice during the warranty period are not in conformance with PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING’s warranty under Section 14(a) above and (ii) PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING, LLC agrees to repair or, at its option, replace, any Material for which Purchaser gives notice during the warranty period are not in conformance with PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING’s warranty under Section 14(a) above.  Purchaser shall provide PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING, within 15 days of it discovery of any claim, a full description and satisfactory proof of such nonconformity or defect.
  2. b) No back charge for field correction will be honored unless the amount and corrective procedure are agreed upon prior to field correction. In no case shall any back charge exceed the price of the defective part of the Material involved, subject to the limitations of warranty and of liability contained herein. 


  1. a) Unless other terms are specified, progress payments shall become due as shipments of Material are made, or Services are rendered. 
  2. b) Invoices are payable when billed.
  3. c) If any payment is not then current within the specified time, interest will be charged at 10% per annum.
  4. d) If Purchaser fails to fulfill the terms of payment or other terms or conditions hereof, PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING, LLC may, at its option cease performance, defer further shipments to Purchaser or cancel the unshipped balance of this Contract. All rights of PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING, LLC shall be cumulative and in addition to any other rights conferred by law.


  1. a) It is expressly agreed that this Contract sets forth the sole and exclusive remedies available to Purchaser and PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING. 
  2. b) PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING, LLC shall under no circumstances be liable for special, incidental, exemplary, or consequential damages (hereafter referred to collectively as “consequential damages”), including, but not limited to, loss of profits, anticipated revenue, interest, capital cost loss of use, loss by reason of plant shutdown, non-operation, demurrage, cost of substitute material, facilities or services, fines or penalties imposed by governmental authorities or claims of Purchaser or its customer for such damages, additional usage of fuel or utilities, delays in installation of the work or completion of any project in which the Material is being installed or other such claims arising from any cause whatsoever, whether or not such loss or damage is based in contract, warranty, tort (including negligence), strict liability, indemnity or otherwise.
  3. c) PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING’s maximum aggregate liability for loss or damage arising under, resulting from or in connection with the supply or use of Material, or Services, provided under this Contract, or from the performance or breach of any obligation(s) imposed hereunder, whether such liability arises from any one or more claims or actions for breach of contract, tort (including negligence), delayed completion, warranty, indemnity, strict liability or otherwise, unless otherwise limited by the terms hereof, shall be limited to the Contract price, whether such sum is expended in repair, replacement, other corrective action, liquidated damages, refund of the Contract price or any such remedy as may be provided or to which Purchaser may be entitled, and all liability shall terminate upon the expiration of the warranty period. 


  1. a) The Purchaser (Owner), at the Purchaser’s option, may purchase and maintain such insurance as will insure the Purchaser against loss of use of the Purchaser’s property due to fire or other hazards, however caused.  The Purchaser waives all rights of action against PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING, LLC(Contractor) for loss of use of the Purchaser’s property, including consequential losses due to fire or other hazards however caused.  This insurance shall include interests of the Purchaser, PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING, Subcontractors and Sub-subcontractors in the Project.
  2. b) The Purchaser waives all rights against PERFECT IMAGES LANDSCAPING, Subcontractors, and Engineer, and the officers, directors, members, partners, employees, agents, consultants and subcontractors of each and any of them, for:

1) loss due to business interruption, loss of use, or other consequential loss extending beyond the direct physical loss or damage to the Purchaser’s property or the Work caused by, arising out of, or resulting from fire or other perils whether or not insured by the Purchaser, and

2) loss or damage to the completed Project or part thereof caused by, arising out of, or resulting from fire or other insured peril or cause of loss covered by any property insurance maintained on the completed Project or part thereof by the Purchaser during partial occupancy or use, after Substantial Completion, or after final payment.


This Proposal and Contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of and enforced solely in the courts of the State of South Carolina or the federal courts located in South Carolina, and the jurisdiction of such courts over the parties is hereby expressly acknowledged.


We make no guarantees, warranties or representations regarding the skills or undertakings of a Service Provider or the quality of the job that he or she may perform for you if you elect to retain their services.  We do not endorse or recommend the services of any particular Service Provider.  It is Your responsibility to evaluate the Service Provider and the Service Provider’s qualifications, and to enter into a direct contract or otherwise reach agreement with a Service Provider.   We do not guarantee or warrant any Service Provider’s performance on the job, or the outcome or quality of the services performed. The Service Providers are not employees or agents of Ours, nor are We an agent of the Service Provider.


(Perfect Images Landscaping LLC may be referred to as P.I.L. LLC)

  1. 1. Both parties are entitled to fill out the agreement below, signed by the homeowner and the contractor.
  2. By signing, the homeowner agrees to everything in the proposal.
  3. If it is not stated in the proposal, it is not included.
  4. If P.I.L. LLC has to “Redo”, “Take up”, “Replace” any items after they are installed, the homeowner may be charged an additional fee unless installed incorrectly by P.I.L. LLC 

(Example: Rock type is changed after installed on site and P.I.L. LLC has to replace it, a fee will be applied)

  1. P.I.L. LLC will do their best to keep tools, equipment, trucks, trailers and materials organized on your job site. Daily clean-ups will be performed to keep things looking presentable.
  2. The estimated “end date” is not a guarantee and will depend on weather, productivity, material availability etc.
  3. After the installation of a landscape project, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain all living items such as trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, and grass as well as any maintenance on hardscaping.
  4. Depending on the size and duration of the project, a port-a-potty may be brought on site for the use of P.I.L. LLC crew with homeowner-approved placement.
  5. Any changes in contract must be in writing and signed. Payment terms do not apply to change orders. If change order is needed, the homeowner pays P.I.L. LLC that day. Permit, city costs, or HOA design-approval cost is paid for by the homeowner.
  6. After the contract is signed, if the client decides to cancel after the 3 day period deposit is not refundable, if materials are ordered and paid there will be no refund issued.
  7. In the event of a legal fee, the prevailing party is responsible for legal fees.
  8. The deposit is non-refundable unless the contract is canceled or delayed by P.I.L. LLC.
  9. Concrete has No warranty on cracking, chipping, breaking, color loss, efflorescence or any salt in the water of any kind.
  10. P.I.L. LLC may charge extra if any other contractor, or person delays, destroys or interferes with workflow or items already installed.
  11. If soils are tested and a soil change is needed, this is considered “out of contract” and will be an additional fee-to be paid by the Homeowner.
  12. P.I.L. LLC is not responsible for debris or trash from other contractors.
  13. P.I.L. LLC is not responsible for the old irrigation system that is already in place.
  14. P.I.L. LLC will not be held liable for engineering failures unless they were installed incorrectly
  15. Construction work and equipment is dangerous to be around. Please take caution when around any construction materials, equipment, employees or any other construction-related items. Please note: you are always entering “at your own risk” when you enter a construction site.
  16. All work will be completed in a professional manner in accordance with uniform residential codes.
  17. Normal working hours are 8am-6pm Monday-Friday.
  18. A final walkthrough will be made at completion confirming all aspects of the contract have been completed.
  19. A professional company should be hired to maintain and fertilize any vegetation.
  20. Any change orders above $3000 that are made after the contract is will be charged with a $500 fee in addition to the cost of the new materials, additional labor for installation, and any demo that may be

necessary to meet the new requirements.

  1. P.I.L. LLC is not responsible for existing concrete that is on driveway or walkways. Cracks, chips, breaks and tire marks are to be expected if work is being done and driveway is to be used to stage material. We will be careful and wash tire marks and dirt upon completion.


  1. Materials that are being delivered on site (Such as: mulch, rock, sand, gravel, soil, sod and plants) will be delivered at various times throughout the project. We will do our best to manage and schedule these deliveries so as not to impact necessary access such as: driveways and sidewalks.
  2. If more materials are needed then what is stated in the contract, the section will be re-measured and you will be charged accordingly for the additional material needed.
  3. All excess or unused materials are the possession of P.I.L. LLC. When doing projects, we are required to order material in full-pallet quantities. The homeowner is only paying for the amount/ sq ft listed in the contract.
  4. For all materials that need to be returned -denied for installation by customer- restocking fees will be issued to the Homeowner as well as the cost of additional labor to return items. This does not apply in the event that excess materials are returned by P.I.L. LLC after project completion.


  1. P.I.L. LLC is not responsible for any weeds after installation. Weed block fabric is not a guarantee.
  2. P.I.L. LLC is not responsible for any rotting of wood after installation.
  3. P.I.L. LLC does NOT warranty poured-in-place concrete, reflective cracks, chipping or any other damage caused by settling or other circumstances beyond our control. Concrete will always crack. It’s not if, but when. There is no guarantee for any type of concrete work. Homeowners assume risks of cracks, chips and discoloration.
  4. Exact color replication for concrete is not warrantied. Slight variations in color may also occur due to weather conditions or projects requiring multiple pours.
  5. P.I.L. LLC offers a limited 2-year warranty on all paved areas with pavers. This warranty covers settling, cracking and manufacturing defects. The following items will not be covered in this warranty: circumstantial damage inflicted by homeowner/ third party or natural causes (floods,

fires, hurricanes, tornadoes etc). Small chips and polymeric sand are not warrantied.

  1. P.I.L. LLC offers a 2-year warranty on retaining wall installation services. This warranty covers settling, cracking and manufacturing defects. The following items will not be covered in this warranty:circumstantial damage inflicted by homeowner/people or natural causes (floods, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes etc). Warranty does not cover settling if proper drainage isn’t installed. Small chips in blocks are not warrantied.
  2. Additional rock or mulch that is needed is not covered in warranty and will be charged to the clients.
  3. Irrigation is covered in a limited 1-year warranty. This includes; manufacturing failures or malfunctions, installation failures. This does not include; personal or third party damage, damage due to freezing, or damage from other contractors. Drip emitters are not warrantied. Back-flow preventers are not included in the warranty.
  4. Warranty is not valid until final payment is made.
  5. Efflorescence on pavers, concrete, retaining walls, bricks or any type of surface will not be covered in warranty.
  6. Plant Warranty: Plants are not warrantied unless otherwise specified in contract
  7. Warranties may be voided if any other contractor that is not P.I.L. LLC tampers with any installation without approval of P.I.L. LLC. 


  1. Price Is Valid For 20 days from when the contract was sent. After this time, the contract will need to be reevaluated and re-sent by P.I.L. LLC before moving forward.
  2. If the project is not paid in full within one week (7 days) of project completion, a fee of $200 per additional day will be charged to the Homeowner until the final payment has been made. 
  3. Payment methods for this project include: Check, cash, credit card (3% fee will apply), bank transfer (1% fee will apply). All invoices will be sent via QuickBooks. 
  4. Final payment is due on completion of the original contract, not including warranty work OR change orders.
  5. Client understands that progress payments indicate that client is content with progress of work.


  1. If unforeseen items are needed to complete the project, a change-order will be created and sent via email or confirmation through text message or video. Work in the change-order will not be started until the change-order has been signed and approved by both parties.
  2. We will have a location service mark for all utilities before the project is started. Please do your best not to disturb these markings since they are important.
  3. If any utility lines are hit during the excavation, demo or installation process, due to incorrectly marked lines, P.I.L. LLC will not be held liable. If this does occur, an agreement will be made between P.I.L. LLC and the homeowner to resolve the issue. Utility lines included are gas, water, sewer, electric, and cable. 
  4. Any unknown objects encountered underground or aboveground, or circumstances that may stop or delay work will be considered additional work and are not covered under the original contract. Examples include, but are not limited to; boulders, large roots, construction footings, stumps, utilities, groundwater springs, etc.

Additional work will be billed to the homeowner on a time and material basis.

  1. P.I.L. LLC will not be held liable for any damage caused by natural forces: cracked sprinklers, freeze and thaw, erosion, animals or anything beyond our control.
  2. When back-filling or demoing materials, there is no guarantee items won’t settle over the years however we will do our best to compact material to prevent this from happening.
  3. Homeowner is responsible for the marking of all non-public utilities (i.e. irrigation, invisible fencing, satellite lines, etc.) before work commences - assumes responsibility for any damages caused by unmarked lines
  4. It is the responsibility of the property owner to mark property lines prior to the start of work. P.I.L. LLC accepts no responsibility or liability for incorrectly marked property lines or errors in survey. If access through a neighboring property is required, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to obtain.
  5. When providing a concrete demo, the agreed-upon price assumes the concrete is a standard 4-6” thick with rebar spaced no closer than 16” and rebar size no greater than 1⁄2”.

Any questions about our terms of service please contact us at (803) 747-6669 or fill out our online contact form here.